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Multidisciplinary consultancy for creative businesses.
Trademarks, patents, culture:
you create it and we help you make it happen!

We are the São Sebastião Culture and Intellectual Property. For over ten years, we have been operating by bringing together specialist professionals in the commercial, legal, administrative and marketing areas, to help people and organizations in the development of creative businesses.

Carolina de Castro Wanderley

Specialist lawyer in cultural and Intellectual Property rights. Legal consultant in creative business, operating with companies in culture, sports, tourism, content production segments and with artists.

Master student in Languages and cultures in contact at UFRJ, LLM Business & Law specialist at IBMEC, specialist in Civil Law from PUC-PR, graduated in Law from PUC-PR and in Visual Arts from FAP.

Member of the IBDCULT – Brazilian Institute of Cultural Rights and the RDL – Brazilian Law and Literature Network.

Cultural producer and researcher in popular culture, intangible heritage, religiosity and carnival.

Dagmar Figueiredo Ribeiro

Business management consultant in the creative sector and in cultural projects. Digital marketing and educational content producer.

Pedagogue graduated from FAEL and graduated in Modern Languages from FAFI-Palmas. Specialist in Administration and Marketing from OPET.


Camila Guimarães Teles da Silva

Specialist lawyer in Entertainment and Media Law, with a strong presence in cultural and sports events and large cultural enterprises, working in obtaining several administrative permits and in the analysis of legal risks.

Graduated in Law from Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná. Specialist in Civil Procedural Law from Instituto Romeu Felipe Bacellar.


Samanta Serpa Sussi

Specialist lawyer in Business Law, operating in risk prevention with creative companies (media, entertainment, culture and intellectual property) and, notably, in various lawsuits. Postgraduate in Public Law from Escola Paulista de Direito – EPD, graduated in Law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, in São Paulo.

Valéria Kotacho Lopes

Specialist lawyer in Cultural Law and Human Rights. Photographer. Operating in issues involving the Cultural Rights in the city. Graduated in Law from UFPR, specialist in Public Policy and Gender Justice from the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO). Member of the Committee on Cultural Affairs and Right to the City of OAB-PR.

Our team affirms its commitment to ethical professional conduct, based on transparent business relations, compliance with anti-corruption laws, processing of personal data and anti-child labor laws and the best rules to combat sexual harassment, moral harassment and prejudice of any kind.

The team of consultants at São Sebastião Culture and Intellectual Property takes care of creative projects globally, from the idea and planning to the final execution. The result is always a success!

We operate in the following areas:

Cultural production: music, visual arts, performing arts, dance, literature, audiovisual, architecture, gastronomy, fashion, new media, intangible heritage, design, advertising, games, museums;

Creative business production: data protection, technology transfer, competition matters, innovation management, development and innovation, relations and affairs with regulatory agencies, franchising and licensing, business structuring, risk prevention, clearance of creative productions;

Production and protection of intellectual property: trademarks, patents, industrial design, software, copyright, image, media and entertainment rights.

In the year of 2022, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of São Sebastião. So many projects were carried out, so many ideas have happened!

It is with pleasure that we present some pictures of everything that has happened over these years!

Aware of the latest theoretical, legislative and jurisprudential updates regarding culture and intellectual property, our team constantly produces content. Our communications are published in the media, in scientific journals and events and on virtual channels. We have assembled below the most recent publications.

São Sebastião Culture and Intellectual Property is located in Curitiba-PR,
at Avenida República Argentina, nº 452, set 509, Água Verde, CEP 80.240-210.
Telephone (41) 3095-9591.